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Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Dance Spirit Magazine Tap Dance Articles

General information about Dance Spirit Magazine and information about the publication's tap dancing articles.

2016 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: 2016 August:
Sand Dancing
AUTHOR: Maggie McNamara
DESCRIPTION: About the art of tap dancing on sand. Main sections of the article include What Is It, Where Did it come From, Who's Doing It Today, How Do I Get Started, and Music Tips.

2015 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: June 16, 2015
Hoofer Status
AUTHOR: Maggie McNamara
DESCRIPTION: Discussion of the difference between a "hoofer" and a "tap dancer". Includes the opinions of tap masters Derick K. Grant, Michela Marino Lerman, and Jason Samuels Smith.

2014 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: December 1, 2014
Fancy Feet
AUTHOR: Maggie McNamara
DESCRIPTION: Three flashy tap dancing moves, including the Shiggy Bop (aka The Shovel), the One Footed Wing, and the Toe-Stand-Double-Shuffle.

Tap the Tale
AUTHOR: Ryan P. Casey
DESCRIPTION: Tips for telling a story through tap dancing. Sections of the article include Built Your Story, Keep It Clean, Play With Dynamics, Listen for Changes, and Take Advantage of Pattern.

2013 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: November 1, 2013
Changing It Up
AUTHOR: Jenny Dalzell
DESCRIPTION: Article with ideas for changing up your improvisational tap dancing. Includes tips for experimenting with melody, tricks, pauses, weight shifts, and texture.

DATE PUBLISHED: April 11, 2013
Unleash Your Inner Gregory Hines
AUTHOR: Darrah Carr
DESCRIPTION: Article written 10 years after the 2003 the death of legendary tap dancer Gregory Hines. Sections of the article includes Hines Place in History, things that made Hines' tap dancing unique, and how you incorporate those things into your own tap dancing.

2012 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: September 10, 2012
Acing A Capella
AUTHOR: Zachary Whittenburg
DESCRIPTION: Tips for tap dancing without music. Article sections include Keep it Interesting, Go With the Flow, Step in Time.

DATE PUBLISHED: April 20, 2012
Tap for Non Tappers
AUTHOR: Ryan P. Casey
DESCRIPTION: Tips for non-tap professional dancers auditioning for a tap dancing role. Main sections of the article include Learn the Basics, Fake the Rest, and the basic tap steps and one advanced step to master before the audition.

2011 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: November 15, 2011
About Cutting Contests
AUTHOR: Ryan P. Casey
DESCRIPTION: The full name of this article is "A Cut Above: Everything You Need to Know About Cutting Contests". It includes the definition of a cutting contest and these sections: The Nitty Gritty, How To Prepare, Play It By Ear, Get Back To the Basics, Work on Your Timing, Improve Your Improv, and Expand Your Horizons. The article was written by Ryan P. Casey and published in Dance Spirit Magazine in November of 2011.

DATE PUBLISHED: June 23, 2011
I'm With The Band
AUTHOR: Kathryn Holmes
DESCRIPTION: Information about tap dancing with a jazz band or other musicians. Article sections include The Basics, Do Your Homework, Set Up Signals, Become Music Minded, and Courtesy Counts.

DATE PUBLISHED: April 25, 2011
Speed Demon
AUTHOR: Ryan P. Casey
DESCRIPTION: Tips for increasing your tap dancing speed. Sections of the article include Slow Down, Think Fast to Tap Fast, Make it Small, Stay Footloose, Bit by Bit, and On The Floor.

2010 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: December 7, 2010
The Shim Sham
AUTHOR: Brynn Wein Shiovitz
DESCRIPTION: Article introducing the "Shim Sham", a tap dance learned by dancers all over the world that is traditionally performed at the end of tap festivals and at other tap dancer gatherings. Sections of the article include Evolution of the Shim Sham, The Basic Breakdown, and Follow Along. The article also links to two Shim Sham tutorials:
- Learn the Shim Sham with Claudia Rahardjanoto - Part 1
- Learn the Shim Sham with Claudia Rahardjanoto - Part 2

DATE PUBLISHED: October 1, 2010
Heels vs. Flats
AUTHOR: Darrah Carr
DESCRIPTION: Discusses the difference between tap dancing in flat shoes vs. tap dancing in high heel shoes. The article includes a section about tapping in heels and a section about tapping in flats.

DATE PUBLISHED: September 10 2010
Slip Sliding Away
AUTHOR: Abby Gold
DESCRIPTION: Article about sliding tap steps. Includes information about tap dancers of the past famous for sliding, James "Jimmy Slyde" Godbolt, his Slyde Brothers partner Jimmy "Sir Slyde" Mitchell, and Eddie Ford. Slide techniques presented in the article include flying across the floor, beyond simple slides, and extending lessons from the slide.

Mastering the Time Step
AUTHOR: Brynn Wein Shiovitz
Article introducing the basic stomp time step, including a link to this video tutorial: - Courtney Runft Teaching the Stomp Time Step

2009 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: 2009 September:
Improving Your Improv
AUTHOR: Brynn Wein Shiovitz

Preventing Common Tap Injuries
AUTHOR: Stacie Strong

Clogging vs. Tap
AUTHOR:Not Cited

The Basic Pullback
AUTHOR: Abby Gold

The Physics of Footwork
AUTHOR: Not Cited
DESCRIPTION: Tap dancing with loose ankles

Tune Up Your Tone
AUTHOR: Mark Yonally

2008 Tap Dancing Articles

DATE PUBLISHED: 2008 November:
Mad About Maud
AUTHOR: Kathryn Holmes

DATE PUBLISHED: 2008 November:
Tap's Renaissance
AUTHOR: Not Cited

DATE PUBLISHED: 2008 November:
History, Herstory, Our Story
AUTHOR: Stacey Strong

DATE PUBLISHED: 2008 November:
Three Tap Superstars Take On Charlie's Angels
AUTHOR:Not Cited

DATE PUBLISHED: 2008 October:
How To Land Playing Gigs in Hollywood
AUTHOR: Not Cited

DATE PUBLISHED: October 27, 2008
ARTICLE TITLE: Helpful Hints for First Time Tappers
AUTHOR: Mike Wittmers
DESCRIPTION: Tips for beginning tap dancers. Sections of the article include Know Your Etiquette, Loosen Up, Listen Don't Look, Do Your Homework, Speak Up, Keep Cool at Conventions, Improve Your Improv, and Attend Tap Jams.

About Dance Spirit Magazine

Dance Spirit Magazine was founded on September 1, 1997. It features articles and information about tap dancing, ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom dancing, and musical theater performance.

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Editors of Dance Spirit Magazine
- Margaret Fuhrer, Editor in Chief
- Courtney Bowers, Managing Editor
- Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, Assistant Editor
- Olivia Manno, Assistant Editor

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