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A Note From Kathie:
If you would like to add to, correct, or update any of the information on this Web site, you are invited to send a message or a letter to the email address or postal address on our Contact Us page.

Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Professional Tap Dancing

Information about professional tap dancers and other professional tap dancing resources.

Tap Dancing Ensembles
Professional tap dancing duos, quartets, ensembles, and dance companies of the past and present

Tap Dancer Bios and Profiles

Awards and Honors in Tap Dancing

Films Featuring Tap Dancing

Musicals Featuring Tap Dancing

Auditioning for a Tap Dancing Role
Dance Spirit "Tap for Non Tappers" Article
Tips for non-tap professional dancers auditioning for a tap dancing role. Main sections of the article include Learn the Basics, Fake the Rest, and recommendations about basic tap steps and one advanced step to master before the audition. This article was written by Ryan P. Casey and published in Dance Spirit Magazine in April of 2012.

Tap Dancing With Musicians
Dance Spirit "I'm With The Band" Article
Includes information about tap dancing with a jazz band or other musicians. Article sections include The Basics, Do Your Homework, Set Up Signals, Become Music Minded, and Courtesy Counts. This article was written by Katheryn Holmes and published by Dance Spirit Magazine in June of 2011.

Types of Tap Dancing

More About Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing Resources

Other Types of Tap Dancing

More About Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing Resources

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Tap Events

2017 Tap Festivals
World Wide

2017 Tap Worlds
Nov 28 - Dec 2
Riesa, Germany

Tap Dance Day
May 25th

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