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A Note From Kathie:
If you would like to add to, correct, or update any of the information on this Web site, you are invited to send a message or a letter to the email address or postal address on our Contact Us page.

Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Official Web Sites of Tap Dancers

Where to find the official Web sites of tap dancers all over the world. Note that this page only includes the Web sites of tap dancers with their own domain names - aka Universal Resource Locator (URL). For information about tap dancers not included on this page see the Tap Dancer Profiles section of this Web site.

Aaron Tolson: Aaron Tolson Dot Com
Alaman Diadhiou: Alaman Official Dot Com
Alex MacDonald: Alex MacDonald Dance Dot Com
Alexander Ivashkevich: A-Ivashkevich Dot Com
Alexis Juliano: Alexis M Juliano Dot Wixssite Dot Com
Andrea Howat: Andrea Howat Dot Com
Andrew Nemr: Andrew Nemr Dot Com
Annette Walker: Annette Walker Dot CO Dot UK
Anthony Morigerato: AM Tap Dance Dot Com
Arleigh Rothenberg: Arleigh R Dot Com
Avalon Rathgeb | Avalon Rathgeb Dot Com |

Baakari Wilder: Baakari Wilder Dot Com
Bethanie Lyon: Bethanie Lyon Dot Com
Brenda Bufalino: Brenda Bufalino Dot Com
Brianna Taylor: Brianna Taylor Dot Com Dot AU

Caleb Teicher: Caleb Teacher Dot Net
Cartier Williams: Cartier Williams Dot com
Charles Renato: Charles Renato Dot Com
Chloe Arnold: Chloe Arnold Dot Com

Demi Remick | Demi Remick Dot Com
Daniel Luka | Daniel Luka Dot DE
Danny Nielsen: Dano Nielsen Dot WordPress Dot Com
Danny Gardner: Danny J Gardner Dot Com
DeWitt Fleming: DeWitt Fleming Jr Dot Com
Dorothy Wasserman: Dorothy Shim Sham Dot Com

Estefania Porqueras: Estefania Porqueras Dot Com

Fabien Ruiz: Fabien-Ruiz Dot Com

Geoffrey Goldberg: Geoffrey-Goldberg Dot Com
Germaine Salsberg: Germaine Salsberg Dot Com

Hannah Wilson: Hannah Wilson
Heather Cornell: Manhattan Tap Dot Com
Hillary Marie Michael: Hillary-Marie Dot Com
Howard Blume: Tap With Howard

Jane Goldberg: Jane Goldberg Dot Org
Jason Marquette: Jason Marquette Dot Com
Jason Rodgers | Jason J Rodgers Dot Com |
Jean-Michel Gigault: Jean Mi Dot Com
Jeanne Brei: Jazzin With Jeanne Dot Com
Jessica Westermann: Jessica Westermann Dot Com
Jessie Sawyers: Jessie Sawyers Dot Com
Jonas Nermyr | House of Hoofing Dot Com |
Joseph Webb: J Webb Media Dot Com
Joseph Wiggan: Joseph C Wiggan Dot com
Josh Johnson: Josh Inspiration Dot Com
Josh Nixon: Josh P Nixon Dot Com
Julia Boynton: Julia on Tap
Junior Laniyan: Junior Laniyan Dot Com

Kaleena Miller: Kaleena Miller Dot com
Katherine Kramer: Katherine Kramer Projects Dot Com
Kathie Walling: Kathie Walling Dot Com
Katica Illeny: Katica Illenyi Dot Com
Kazunori Kumagai: Kazu Kumagai Dot Net
Kurt Ksolak: Kurt Csolak Dot Com

Leah Silva: Leah Silva Dot Com
Lee Howard: Lee How Fasho Dot Com
Leonardo Sandoval: Leonardo Sandoval Dot Weebly Dot Com
Lisa La Touche: Lisa La Touche Dot Com
Lucie Rouits | Lucie Rouits Dot Com |
Luke Hawkins: Luke Hawkins Dot Com

Marije Nie: Marije Nie Dot Com
Marijke de Braal: Toko Tap Dot NL
Mattias Lundmark | M and H Dot SE |
Maud Arnold: Maud Arnold Dot Com
Maurice Hines: Maurice Hines Dot Com
Max Pollak: Mx Pllk Dot Com
Melinda Sullivan | Melinda Sullivan Dot Com |
Michela Marino Lehrman: Michela Taps Dot Com
Michelle Dorrance: Michelle Dorrance Dot Com

Nico Rubio | Nico S Rubio Dot Com |
Nicola Hartlef: Nicola Hartlef Dot DE
Noa Barankin: Noa Barankin Dot Weebly Dot Com

Pia Neises: Tap Dancer Dot DE

Rachel Binney: Rachel Binney Dot com
Ray Hesselink: Ray Hesselink Dot Com
Reginald McLaughlin: Reggio the Hoofer Dot Com
Roxane Butterfly: Roxane Butterfly Dot Com
Rusty Frank: Rusty Frank Dot Com
Ryan Casey: Ryan P Casey Dot Com
Ryan Johnson: RKJ Dance Dot Com

Sam Weber: Sam Weber Dot Org
Sarah Reich: Sarah Reich Dot Com
Sebastian Weber | Sebastian Weber Dot DE |
Shelby Kaufman: Shelby Kaufman Dot Com
Shirley Temple | Shirley Temple Dot Com |
Shun Hattori: Shun Tap Dot JP
Steve Zee: Steve Zee Dot Com
Suzanne Clandon: Suzanne Clandon Dot Com

Tahlia Morgan | Tea Time With Tayla Dot Com
Tasha Lawson: Tasha Lawson Dot Com
Terrence Bennett: Tap Dance Man Dot Com
Thelma Goldberg: Thelma's Tap Notes
Thomas Marek: Thomas Marek Dot Com
Thomas Wadelton: Thomas Taps Dot Com
Thommie Retter: Thommie Retter Dot Com
Tony Waag: Tony Waag Dot Org
Travis Knights: Travis Knights Dot Com

Vicki Riordan: Tap Pups Dot Com
Vincent Padilla: Vincents Beats Dot Com
Vincent Pausanias: Pausanias Dot Net

Winston Morrison: Winston Morrison Dot Com

Yoshiko Hida: oshiko Tap Dot Weebly Dot Com

More Tap Dancer Web Sites

Ann Dragich: Ann Dragich and Company Dot Com
FULL NAME: Ann Marie Dragich
ORIGINALLY FROM: Sunnyvale, California, United States
CURRENT HOME: New York City, New York, United STates
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook "Ann Marie Dragich" Page

Christina Carminucci: Christina Carminucci Dot Com
DATE OF BIRTH: May 26, 1994
ORIGINALLY FROM: Belleville, New Jersey, United States
CURRENT HOME: New York City, New York, United States
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook "Christina Carminucci" Page

Felipe Galganni: Felipe Galganni Dot Com
DATE OF BIRTH: August 8, 1987
ORIGINALLY FROM: Sao Paulo, Brazil
CURRENT HOME: New York City, New York, United States
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook "Felipe Galganni" Page

Isabelle Roux: Isabelle Roux Dot Net
CURRENT HOME: Clermont, Auvergne, France
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook "Isabelle Roux" Page

Samara Seligsohn: Samara Seligsohn Dot Com
CURRENT HOME: New York, United States
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook "Samara Seligsohn" Page

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