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Tap Dancing Resources
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Tap Dancer Katherine Kramer

A profile and fan site for professional tap dancer, event producer, and tap instructor Katherine Kramer.

STAGE NAME: Katherine Kramer
FULL NAME: Katherine Ann Kramer
BIRTHDAY: January 29
EDUCATION: Marymount Manhattan College and Wesleyan University
CURRENT HOME: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Tap Dancing Events Featuring Katherine Kramer

Rhythm Explosion Tap Festival (1999-2007)
Katherine Kramer was the founder, producer and artistic director of a summer tap dancing festival held in the city of Bozeman, Montana for more then 10 years.

Facebook Katherine Kramer Events
2016 Nov 12: Katherine Kramer Dance Inprov Workshop (Anchorage AK)
2016 Oct 21: Katherine Kramer / Cheryl Johnson . Biodance (Rochester NY)
2015 Nov 08: Master Class and Teacher Training (Anchorage AK)
2015 Nov 08: Tap Workshop With Katherine Kramer (Anchorage AK)
2013 Apr 26:: Whole Body Music With Katherine Kramer (Anchorage AK)

Katherine Kramer "Rhythm of the Heart" Concert
Tap theater concert featuring Katherine Kramer that was held at the Empire Center for Performing Arts in 1995. The performance was a mix of tap dancing, stories, songs, and humor.

Katherine Kramer Marymount Manhatan Theatre Concert
Two tap dance numbers featuring Katherine Kramer were included in a modern dance concert at the Marymount Manhattan theater November 18-19, 2979. One of tap dances was entitled "Separate Times" and the other was a dap duet performed with Lynn Jassem.

More About Katherine Kramer

- She Lived in New York in the 1970's
- Interested in Afri-Ciuban music and dance
- Taught tap dancing at Danza Contemporarea de Cuba and Conjuncto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba.
- Her one-woman show, “Rhythms of the Heart,” toured between 1992 and 2000.
- She taught Robert Redford the two-step for "The Horse Whisperer" filmn
- She taught dance at Florida International University in Miami
- She spends her summers in Bozeman, Montana where she plans to retire

Profiles of Katherine Kramer
- Beantown Tap Fest "Katherine Kramer" Faculty Profile
- Dance Empire "Katherine Kramer" Master Tap Dancer Bio

Katherine Kramer on Social Media
- Facebook "Katherine Kramer" Page

Videos Featuring Katherine Kramer
2009: US Embassy Prague Katherine Kramer Interview
2009: Katherine Kramer Dancing in Prague I
2009: Katherine Kramer Dancing in Prague I
2007: Katherine Kramer Dancing With Kenneth Metzker
2009: Short Documentary About Katherine Kramer
2005: Katherine Kramer at the Montana Arts Refuge
YouTube "Katherine Kramer Videos" Channel

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