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Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Shirley Temple Tap Dancing Videos

A collection of free, online video clips of Shirley Temple tap dancing in the movies. See also Shirley Dancing with Bill Robinson.

Shirley Temple Dancing with Bill Robinson
Videos of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson dancing with child star Shirley Temple in films between 1935 and 1938. Includes the famous stairstep dance in "The Little Colonel". and tap dancing sequences in "The Littlest Rebel", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", and "Just Around the Corner".

Movies Starring Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson

Gregory Hines Talks About Shirley Temple

Stand Up and Cheer (1934)

SONG: Baby, Take a Bow
PARTNER: James Dunn
DESCRIPTION: A very young Shirley Temple enters and tap dances near the end of this video. This film marked the beginning of her fame. Video with only Shirley Temple dancing: Baby Take a Bow.

The Little Colonel (1935)

SONG: Old Kentucky Home Medley (iconic stairway dance)
PARTNER: Bill Robinson

Curly Top (1935)

SONG: When I Grow Up
PARTNER: Solo Performance
DESCRIPTION: Shirley temple tap dances at the end of this song, about 4 minutes into this 5 minute video. She first dances as an elderly lady jumping out of a rocking chair, and a few seconds later she tap dances while jumping rope.

The Littlest Rebel (1935)

DANCE: Shim Sham
PARTNER: Bill Robinson

DANCE: Street Dance to Raise Money
PARTNER: Bill Robinson

Captain January (1935)

SONG: At the Cod Fish Ball
PARTNER: Buddy Ebsen
DESCRIPTION: Nearly 30 years before he was cast as Jed Clampett in "The Beverly Hillbillies" television program, Buddy Ebsen danced with Shirley Temple on film.

Poor Little Rich Girl (1936)

SONG: Military Man
PARTNERS: Jack Haley and Alice Faye

Dimples (1936)

SONG: Hey What Did the Blue jay Say
PARTNER: Solo Dance
Shirley Temple starts tap dancing a little more then halfway through this video clip.

Wee Willie Winkie (1937)

Heidi (1937)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938)

SONG: " An Old Straw Hat"
PARTNER: Bill Robinson

Little Miss Broadway (1938)

SONG: We Should Be Together"
PARTNER: George Murphy

SONG: Little Miss Broadway
PARTNER: George Murphy

Just Arund the Corner (1938)

SONG: I'd Love to Walk in the Rain
PARTNER: Bill Robinson

The Little Princess (1939)

Susanna of the Mounties (1939)

The Blue Bird (1940)

Young People (1940)

SONG: " Fifth Avenue"
PARTNERS: Jack Oakie and Charlotte Greenwood

SONG: " Tra-La-La-La"
PARTNERS: Jack Oakie and Charlotte Greenwood


FILM: Stand Up and Cheer


FILM: The Little Colonel
VIDEO: Iconic Staircase Dance (with Bill Robinson)

FILM: Curly Top
VIDEO: "When I Grow Up" (solo)

FILM: The Littlest Rebel

FILM: Young People
RELEASED: August 23, 1940
DANCE: "5th Avenue" with Charlotte Greenwood and Jack Oakie

Tap Dancer Shirley Temple Profile

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