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Condos Brothers Tap Dancing Duo

Information about the Condos Brothers tap dancing duo. Note that the Condos brothers also performed as "Frank and Nick" and as "Frank kand Harry". The Condos Brothers were usually a duo, but they occasionally performed as a trio.

The Three Condos Brothers

Frank Condos

Steve Condos

Nick Condos

Harry Condos
Not much information has been published about this Condos Brother.

About the Condos Brothers

The three condos brothers, Frank, Steve, and Steve, were the children of Greek immigrants and they grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the eastern United States.

Frank Condos taught his two younger brothers Nick and Steve to tap dance before he embarked on his career dancing on stage with partner Mateo Olvera. When that partnership broke up, and Nick and Frank began dancing together as "The Condos Brothers". When Frank decided to become a solo dancer, Steve and Nick Condos became the new Condos Brothers.

The Condos Brothers tap dancing duo broke up in the mid-1950's, and Steve Condos continued performing as a solo act. Steve was featureed in the film "Tap" as one of the legends of tap dancing. He died two years later, at age 71, when he had a heart attack after a performance in Lyons, France.

Filmography of the Condos Brothers,/h2>

YEAR: 1932
FILM TITLE: "Midshipmaid Gob"
FILM STARRED: Jessie Matthews, Frederick Kerr, Basil Sydney
CONDOS BROTHERS: Nick and Steve (as a horse!
- Internet Movie Database "Midshipmaid Gob" Entry

YEAR: 1936
FILM TITLE: "Dancing Feet"
FILM STARRED: Ben Lyon, Joan Marsh, Edwared Nugent
CONDOS BROTHERS: Nick Condos danced solo
NOTE: Nick Condos appeared without his three brothers Frank, Harry, and Steve in this movie. The entire 1 hour and 10 minute film can be viewed free online at YouTube. Several different tap dancers are featured near the end of the movie. Can anybody confirm which of those dancers is Nick Condos? And can anybody identify the other tap dancers featured in the film? (send a note to the email address on our Contact Us page).
- View Full Movie Free Online (1 hour, 10 minutes)
- Internet Movie Database "Dancing Feet" Entry

YEAR: 1937
FILM TITLE: "Wake Up and Live"
FILM STARRED: Alice Faye, Ben Bernie, Walter Winchell,
CONDOS BROTHERS: Nick and Steve Condos
- Internet Movie Database "Wake Up and Live" Entry

YEAR: 1938:
FILM TITLE: "Happy Landing"
FILM STARRED: Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman, Cesar romero
DESCRIPTION: Danced on two drums as native americans)
CONDOS BROTHERS: Nick and Steve Condos
DANCE: War Dance for Wooden Indians
SEE ALSO: Ikki and Nao "War Dance" Cover
- Internet Movie Database "Happy Landing" Entry

YEAR: 1941:
FILM TITLE: "Moon Over Miami"
FILM STARRED: Betty Grable, Don Ameche, Robert Commings
CONDOS BROTHERS: Frank and Harry Condos
- Internet Movie Database "Moon Over Miami" Entry

YEAR: 1941:
FILM TITLE: "Abbott and Costello In The Navy"
FILM STARRED: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dick Powell
CONDOS BROTHERS: Frank and Harry Condos
- Internet Movie Database "In The Navy" Entry

YEAR: 1944:
FILM TITLE: "Pin Up Girl"
FILM STARRED: Betty Grable, John Harvey, Martha Raye
CONDOS BROTHERS: Frank and Harry Condos
NOTE: Nick Condos was married to Martha Raye 1944-1953
- Internet Movie Database "Pin Up Girl" Entry

YEAR: 1944
FILM TITLE: "Song of the Open Road"
FILM STARRED: Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Bonita Granville
CONDOS BROTHERS: Harry, Frank, and Steve Condos
NOTE: Film also featured Jane Powell in her first film role
- Internet Movie Database "Song of Open Road" Entry

YEAR: 1944
FILM TITLE: "Hey Rookie"
FILM STARRED: Ann Miller, Joe Besser, Larry Parks
CONDOS BROTHERS: Harry, Frank,and Steve Condos
- Internet Movie Database "Hey Rookie" Entry

YEAR: 1946
FILM TITLE: "The Time, The Place, The Girl"
FILM STARRED: Dennis Morgan, MarthaV ickers, Jack Carson
CONDOS BROTHERS: Frank and Harry Condos
- Internet Movie Database "Time, Place, Girl" Entry

YEAR: 1948
FILM TITLE: "Thrills of Music: Buddy Rich Orchestra"
FILM STARRED: Buddy Rich and His Orhestra
CONDOS BROTHER: Steve Condos danced solo
- Internet Movie Database "Thrills of Music" Entry

YEAR: 1951
FILM TITLE: "Meet Me After The Show"
FILM STARRED: Betty Grable, McDonald Carey, Rory Calhoun
CONDOS BROTHERS: Steve Condos danced with Jerry Brandow
- Internet Movie Database "Meet Me After the Show" Entry

YEAR: 1953
FILM TITLE: "She's Back On Broadway"
FILM STARRED: Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson, Frank Lovejoy
CONDOS BROTHERS: Steve Condos danced with Jerry Brandow
- Internet Movie Database "She's Back on Broadway" Entry

YEAR: 1989
FILM STARRED: Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr.
CONDOS BROTHERS: Featured Steve Condos as one the legendary hoofers honored in the film
- Internet Movie Database "Tap" Entry

Condos Brothers Articles and Interviews
- Gregory Hines Talking About the Condos Brothers
- Footnotes on Tap "Condos Brothers" Article
- Street Swing "Condos Brothers" Article

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