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Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Africa Tap Dancing

Information about tap dancing in African countries.

Northern Africa Tap Dancing

Egypt Tap Dancing

Sub-Sahara Africa Tap Dancing

Namibia Tap Dancing

South Africa Tap Dancing

- Tap Dance in the Slums of Kenya

Styles of Tap Dancing in Africa

Kwai-Tap Dance Video
Demonstration of a new form of dance that combines Kiwaito street dancing with tap dancing. Features dance duo Mazo and Timez.

Competitive Tap Dancing in Africa

IDO Representative for Africa
African region representative of the International Dance Organization, an federation established in 1981 as the international governing body for competitive tap dancing and several other forms of dance.

Introductions to Tap Dancing

Arabic Language Tap Dancing Information
An introduction to the art of tap dancing in the Arabic Language. North African Countries in which Arabic is the official language include Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Sub-Sahara African Countries in which Arabic is the official language include Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Mauritania, Somalia Arabic is also the official language in the African island nation of Comoros.

Fur Language Tap Dancing Information
An introduction to the art tap dancing in the Fur Language, also known as "Konjara", spoken by the Fur of Darfur in Western Sudan, where tap dancing is commonly known as "tip tap".

Tap Dancing by Continent

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